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Invest in quality

Invest in quality

Our pillars are efficiency and expertise.

At Iridium Development, we pride ourselves on delivering high standards and efficiency. We also look for opportunistic development properties, which we acquire through private funding. We create wealth for our investors through our extensive real estate knowledge and construction abilities.
We choose only a fraction of the investment opportunities that come across our desk— those that we know can be sold or rented just as quickly as we can develop them. This system reduces risk while increasing reward. The majority of our deals are purchased, developed, and sold within the same year. This process reduces exposure to future economic changes; we want to buy, build, sell, and move on to the next project.
Iridium Development excels at knowing who the buyers are, what they want, and where we need to be. If you’re interested in a Debt position, contact us. We may have a deal coming up that works for you. If you are interested in an Equity position, we have deals for you as well. Our Equity positions are typically 20%-30% preferred returns and a split of the net profit as well, increasing overall returns to 40%-60% plus: not bad in a 12 month term.

We’ve renovated gorgeous apartments in Tribeca:

And completed renovations atop the Plaza Hotel:

Exceptional return on investment

The Upper East Side and Greenwich are our primary focus, but we work everywhere. Our specialty is luxury apartments, townhomes, and single family dwellings, but we can take on any project.
Ideally, we want to discover hidden gems. They offer the biggest potential for large value increases. We have the skills to turn properties into aesthetic masterpieces, making your investment even more profitable.
For more information on investment opportunities, please contact us today.

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In order to ensure confidentiality, we request all of our potential investors sign a non-disclosure agreement. This way, both parties are protected and we can move forward together, with confidence and security.
After you enter your information, we will carefully review it internally. If you are approved, you will receive login details from us via email. This will take you to an authenticated area, which will take you to our investors portal.